Curious to see what is the most surprising Facebook marketing feature? - Facebook Video!

Facebook is an important and biggest part of social media with 2 billion monthly users. Yes! Stunning visual content is a natural key to success with this platform but to truly lure your targeted audience and to grow your audience base you will also need a strategy.

Use Facebook videos that get traffic and boost sales! So if you are ready to create the videos that will help you to grow your reach and expand social media presence. Now, are you looking for tips and insights that can help you put out solid content that will connect with your audience? Looks no further!

In this article, I am describing 10 pro hacks to go viral with Facebook videos. But before getting started you should make your video content absolutely incredible because you have to keep in your mind that people are like and share content with strong emotional feelings that’s why your content should be super funny, entertaining and a little bit controversial. So ultimately if your content is good it's automatically gone viral if you use these tips. Let’s start.

1. Timing

Be practical, you should post videos on Facebook on Tuesday at 8 am. This is the great time to post a video on Facebook, the reason is on Monday people goes to the office after 2 days leave and spending the time to check emails and pending work but on Tuesday they have little bit bored with work and check out Facebook for fresh content. Don’t post your video content on very busy news time, I am talking about the time when some bad happen with weather, controversy on polities etc., why? Because these things distracting peoples and most people focus on that, so they don’t have time to check your content.

Ex. 2 years ago, I posted one of my most favorite videos on Facebook at 12 am on Tuesday without any reason and I got 25 views only because that time nobody cares about my video. And after some time I posted the same video at 8 am after knowing the power of the time and I shocked with its result I got 959 views without doing any other efforts.

2. Incredible Content (For Share-ability)

Not every approach to video content is suitable for social media like Facebook. Focus on one key point and develop your video all around it. Facebook top creators suggest that you should be able to sum up your video with just one phrase. If you succeed, it will be easy for your audience to explain what is awesome about it when they share it on other social media.

In fact, share-ability is a must in order for your video to go viral. Try asking yourself why your viewer would share your video with friends and family. People watch videos to be entertained, informed, or inspired so keep that in mind while developing your creative strategy.

3. Put Money on your Content Marketing

You spend thousands of dollar into making great videos and not spend any money on viral them. That’s very awkward, Facebook gives the chance to boost your video in your targeted place and get more reach on your video. I think Facebook is the best platform to use paid advertisement because Facebook literally knows everything about everyone like where you live, where you work, what you work, what you like, what you think, what you eat, maybe not! But it knows lots. So if you know about your targeted audiences then you can easily specify them when you use paid marketing. And convert them to your customers. And you can also go for online paid services like buy Facebook video views from any reputable firm just in one click.

Ex.- Before two year ago, I posted one video and use paid service of get Facebook video views and you can’t believe that after my paid 500 views I got 10,000 organic views on my video. That’s the power of paid advertisement.

4. Good Copy

It’s for those who don’t know what copy is, that’s is the text that associate with your post video. And in my opinion, the text is as important as your video.

So the copy of your video should be kept short and sweet. Write one or two line maximum, the first line about your video tells what for your video is, and in the second line actually, have to call to action! That’s means to tell people what to do because people are busy! So you need to be very explainer about this. I know its sound like a silly, but that actually works to generating engagement and go viral your video.

5. Attention

This hack all about growing attention of viewers. You have to make sure that your video standout among the thousands of peace of content that is probably posted on the same day. So I would suggest use epic tumbles and make sure that the first 5 second of your video is super beautiful and eye capturing, that something like how standout from the crowd.

6. Size Matters (Size of Facebook Videos)

If you don’t hook your audience in the first frame you will lose them. Sad but true, Facebook usage is ruthlessly fast and furious. Remember that your video engagement will be part of a news feed and users will scroll and watch it between their friends’ pictures.

Thanks to the auto-play feature, the user will see the first few seconds of the video but remember that according to Facebook stats, a “video view” is defined as a view of at least three seconds long. In other words, if the user just keeps scrolling, that view won’t count for your Facebook performance. All that being said, the good news is that 65% of people who watch the first three seconds of a Facebook video will watch it for at least 10 seconds, and 45 percent will watch for 30 seconds. Good to hear!

7. Upload Videos Natively

What does natively mean? Just upload your video to each social network. Don’t do it in a video platform like YouTube and then share it as a link on Facebook. Apart from the number of shares and likes, Facebook’s video ranking considers whether someone has watched a video and for how long they watched it but it can only do this when it is a native video. That will give you a head-start over other content in the news feed.

8. Cross-Posting

Start cross-posting of your video content for more views and engagement. Facebook allows you to cross-post your content to other page or another channel if you do that with your content your content goes viral in very less duration of time.

Ex. – Let’s suppose if you post your video in different 4 Facebook pages and they all get 2000 views each all approx. its means your video get more than 8000 views. So you can understand why this process is workable.

9. No Sound (Videos)

According to facts, around 85% of Facebook users prefer to watch videos without sound. As such, it is imperative on your part to use the silent playback feature. All you have to do is to edit your videos in such a way that it will be easier for the viewers to understand what it aims to promote without the use of sound.

An excellent way of doing this is to add more text to your video content. Captions will help a lot in portraying your message to the audience. To that end, there are different ways to produce a video that makes people engage without the use of sound. Also, you have to choose the best visuals possible to make people want to keep watching.

Avoid complicated scripts that might make the viewer get lost throughout the video. Watching a video with no sound might make it easy for someone not to understand your message. So, make sure your video is easily understood without sound.

According to facts, around 85% of Facebook users prefer to watch videos without sound. As such, it is imperative on your part to use the silent playback feature. All you have to do is to edit your videos in such a way that it will be easier for the viewers to understand what it aims to promote without the use of sound.

10. Engagement (Fake it till you to make it)

Here I am talking about engagement, Facebook actually priorities the content that really works well. So that’s mean in first 15 min you have to collect get as many likes, comments, and views as you can. How do you do that? Well, the best way is to ask for that. So I would like to recommend you make a list of family, friend, and relatives that really care about you at the time of your video post. And use the rule of thumb give and take! Support another person with their content and ask them for your support and easily get starting engagement and you can also buy comments, likes, and views from the online sellers like Known7. Ok, so what you can get from that early engagement.

a) Tell Facebook that your content is good and Facebook switch your content in front of more people.

b) Other Facebook users who scroll the Facebook think wow that video get more views, likes, and comments and they also watch your video.

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So, here I would like to pause my words with the statement that you can use these above hack tips to increase engagement with the Facebook videos. These tips can give quality and the new look to your professional profile. It has been presented in the above points that how the video views important for a Facebook profession. Hope so, you got the point and here I am grateful to the chance you gave me to keep my views in front of you. Bye-bye! See you soon at…

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